1. Stronger and more inclusive movements for SRHR and against GBV (Improved quality of data and analysis that allow advocates to use evidence to support their work).

Influx in registration by organisations and coalitions in CENGOS is setting in motion a strong movement for SRHR and against SGBV.   Quality data collected during the research are undergoing analysis.

  1. Increased individual awareness of SRHR as a human right.

Online discussions on SRHR, essay competition and training of CSOs and traditional rulers are increasing individual awareness of SRHR as human rights.

  1. Transforming social norms relating to GBV and SRHR.

Traditional Rulers’ network new position on SRHR and SGBV especially speaking out against SGBV is helping to transform social norms relating SGBV and SRHR. The communiqué has been published in a national newspaper. They will set up counselling units in the palaces for SGBV and SRHR cases coming before them.